The sky is the limit!


CDN Zandhoven

Last weekend Michèle entered the ring for her first national competition this year.

She had four horses starting:  

  • The five years old Davjano (Davignon I x Aljano)
  • The six years old Sir Henry (Sandro Hit x Rubinstein)
  • FBW Rainman, St Georges 
  • Junco XXII(PRE), St Georges


Michèle was very satisfied with results from her youngsters. They were behaving very well and showed good looking movements.

FBW Rainman (alias Fuchs) was comparing to London less focused and tried to impress the judges with his artistic side. Unfortunately they couldn't appreciate it that much.

Junco (alias Pluto) her Spanish stallion was more concentrated on his rider compared to last year, however not enough to impress the judges.