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Cavalor is proud to present our newest product, Cavalor NorPlus!

Customers and grooms around the world asked Cavalor® to develop a skin-friendly, gentle shampoo that would remove stains and produce an illuminating shine for all coat colors. Cavalor® NorPlus is skin-friendly. A horse’s skin in completely different than human skin, did you know that? There is a noticeable difference in the Ph levels of the skin. Human shampoo can damage the horse’s upper protective layer of skin (fat layer). Cavalor® NorPlus is especially formulated for horse skin. Cavalor® uses high quality, concentrated cleaning agent so, a little shampoo goes a long way! Use less and obtain better results.

This fantastic sudsy shampoo creates lots of foam and is far more effective than other products on the market.  Horses of all types and colors will be thoroughly clean and shiny.  Owners of grey/white horses, or whose horses have white legs, find it especially useful because its active ingredient makes white hair noticeably whiter.  

We guarantee you will love it!